Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some Ideas on How to Make Money in Digital Photography

As any seasoned photographer will tell you, making a living in photography is more about the business than it is about the art. Anybody with good or decent picture skills can make a good living from it. The trick is to use it as part of a good business plan. Real estate, car dealerships and product photography lend themselves as good ventures in this field.
Car dealerships are a good source of work. They all have a need for pictures, but dealers are good at selling cars not necessarily at taking pictures. Therefore, it should not be hard to sell this service. If you can develop a nice website to showcase the cars, it can provide recurring revenue by charging a monthly fee. Additionally, there are many individuals selling cars on eBay who need a good picture. Don't be surprised if you get recurring jobs as you become better known in the field.

Real estate also offers many opportunities if you are interested in architectural photography. I recall getting a job from an architect who had just finished a project. She was putting a portfolio together, and she needed good quality pictures. Another good strategy is to target those selling their homes. Most house hunter will do a search in the internet as opposed to drive around the various neighborhoods as it was once the case. Real estate brokers have their own websites and showcase their properties in much the same way as car dealerships.

Product photography requires more equipment such as light tent, flash lights, and special lenses. However, if you like to work in the comfort of a studio or the client's store, then this might be the business for you. There are literally hundreds of thousands of eBay listings placed every day. What do they all have in common? Yes, they all need pictures. Since the buyers will rely on them to make their purchase decisions, they need to be of good quality and present the product in detail.

There is no need to be Ansel Adams to make a good living with digital Photography. A good business sense is what often times makes the difference. Look around at all the pictures in the internet and ask yourself where they come from or even better how you can take them.

by Alexander Seiglie